Name: Beau Levens
E-commerce Coordinator
Sales Support
Working since: January 2017

Hi Beau, please introduce yourself: Who are you and what are you doing within the Smartwares Group?

My name is Beau, and I am working in the Sales Support department in the E-commerce team. I am mainly involved with online key accounts, including and FonQ, and I am also responsible for the B2B portal for the office.

How long have you been working at Smartwares?

I started in January 2017. As of 1 January 2019, I started in a new position: E-commerce coordinator. This is a new function, and I intend to be the connecting factor between different departments and between external and internal sales.


Regarding your office role in E-commerce for the B2B market: What are you doing now

Before I go home at the end of the day, I make a list for the next day. It never gets empty because every day is different. There is always a lot going on in my path. Things I have to pick up or things I have to solve. I make sure that I am always there for my client, that I am always available and that I can answer questions regarding content, shipments, actually all the questions they have.

Does the list ever come up?

Not always, because the day is difficult to predict, but I like that very much. I don’t like predictability, I like dynamics. We have a fixed set of tasks, in which we are responsible for the order process, among other things. That is a guideline throughout the day, but every day is different; everything comes your way and has to be resolved. These are often just nice projects.

You indicate that you like the dynamic aspect of your job. And what do you like most about your job?

What do you like most about my job? Especially that diversity. I really like that customer contact and the feeling that, together with account managers and your customer, especially your turnover, you can really lift it to a higher level. And if it really succeeds? Yes, that’s just really kicking, that’s really cool. That makes me really happy.

If a friend asked you what makes Smartwares such a great employer, what would you say?

I like that Smartwares has a good combination of young people and also people with more experience. I can learn a lot from employees who have worked here for a long time who have gone through certain phases in their careers. And on the other hand, there are a lot of young people just like me, with lots of fresh ideas. I really like that combination. There’s a sense of togetherness, it’s not too big, but it’s big enough. Besides that, I also really like the fact that you really have to get your place. I think they give me a lot of opportunities to develop and develop myself in which I can choose my own way. There are plenty of guidelines and helping hands but also, and this is very important to me, enough freedom to do things myself. And outside the work area, I especially like the fact that the staff association organizes so many fun things and that there is always fruit, which is a little thing that makes me very happy. I also benefit a lot from the quarterly meetings where more is told about the general course of the company in an open and involved way. And not unimportant is that the management is very open.

Open, freedom, many possibilities. What opportunities have you had since you started here?

I started at the sales support office, where I mainly did the content distribution. I made sure that the content ended up with the customer, but at one point, I missed a connection with a certain customer. I wanted to focus on certain customers and really be able to do my bit. Eventually, I agreed with my manager that I could focus on Very nice, because I use a lot of myself to buy things. This way, I got more focus in my work and a good connection with my contacts at Bol. Now there is a great opportunity created for me because I had indicated that I would like to grow even further, which I really appreciate and which I am really looking forward to.

You mention a lot of nice things. What makes Smartwares stand out for you as an employer?

I find the new structure with the new management very pleasant and very open and I really like their strategy. I really find that an added value. I have a very good feeling about the course we are taking. In addition, I have a very nice team with colleagues. There are often nice people joining because people really get opportunities to grow here.

Do you feel connected to the people you work with or the company/brand Smartwares?

Both actually. In the beginning, I mainly focused on my work so that I really mastered my work, but soon I also put a lot of energy into getting to know my own team and colleagues from other departments. Now, after two years, I feel absolutely connected with my own team, all my other colleagues, and also the company. I like to be in the kitchen and have the most to do with the Princess brand, but actually, I feel involved with all our brands and my colleagues.

Can you briefly describe Smartwares, for example, in one sentence or in a number of words?

For me, Smartwares is a young, dynamic company that offers a lot of fun, good opportunities for all employees in a great environment and with a very nice assortment of products that I personally enjoy working with.

Beau Levens

E-commerce Coordinator