Colleagues speaking

What is it like to work at Smartwares Group? Read the experiences of your future colleagues below.

Pauline Groot Hulze


Collaboration with other departments is a key part of working at Smartwares Group, which makes daily work all the more interesting. You can for instance have a sneak-peek in other departments, which provides insights in the different aspects of a company. One moment you’re discussing a brand new product launch with Business Line Managers, the other moment you go through a checklist for bestsellers with Sales. Every day is different.

Beau Levens

E-commerce Coordinator

“My work is very diverse, and I like that very much. In my job I am the linchpin between the account managers and our customers and I try to raise the level to a higher level on a daily basis through good cooperation and follow-up, especially the turnover. And if it really succeeds? Yeah, that’s just really kicking, that’s cool. That really makes me very happy.”

Bram Hulsman

Financial Controller

“Every Monday I like to get back on my bike to work. Everyone in the company, from my colleagues to executives, managers and even the management, is very accessible. It’s nice and informal and there’s a good atmosphere. It feels a bit like a big family.”