Name: Pauline Groot Hulze
Position: Marketeer
Department: Marketing
Employed since: October 2020

First, give us a quick introduction: who are you and what’s your occupation at Smartwares Group?

My name is Pauline and I work at the marketing department of Smartwares Group. Within our team, each one of us has its own specialisation. For instance, I mainly focus on PR, partners, collaborations, and influencer marketing. I also coordinate and execute consumer campaigns, promotional items, end of year gifts, (online) advertisements, and other various requests or marketing activities that may appear in our planning.

Which other specialisations exist within the marketing department?

Within our team, we cover all necessary bases of marketing expertise. For instance, by working closely with our photographers and videographer, our content marketeers can achieve great content for our products, while our designers start editing the same material in great detail for all on- and offline communication. In addition, our websites are carefully managed by our online marketing expert and other marketeers take care of fairs and events, POS material and the PIM system. All of this combined creates a work environment where interns can fully flourish, but also provide a valuable contribution to the team.

How long have you been employed at Smartwares Group?

I made my debut as a Marketing Assistant at Smartwares Group in 2020. After 8 months I was given the opportunity to grow within the company, so I have been employed as a Marketeer since July 2021.

What have been your highlights up to now?

There have been a lot of awesome activities where we as a team can be really proud of. But true highlights were events like our own VIP4VIP. Then we also have the multiple successful collaborations with Dennis Weening and a variety of micro influencers, among others. Finally, we have realized some amazing consumer campaigns with all sorts of partners like Albelli, TwisTea, The Brand Studio, Cosy & Trendy and Soof 3.

What does your average day look like given your position?

Every day is different. We always do a daily stand-up where we share our to-do lists of the day. This way, you will always be aware of what’s going on in the team. Sometimes we also share our weekend activities or discuss any popular TV shows. You get a lot of freedom and responsibility, so you’re encouraged to schedule your own day based on your responsibilities. Key qualities are therefore a hands-on approach and the ability to see the possibilities.

How did you experience your first days here?

I found the induction period to be very pleasant. I was greeted with a warm welcome and a lot of attention was spent on teaching and induction. I was introduced to a variety of disciplines within the organisation thanks to introductory presentations by each department. The exciting work activities kept me energized, add to that a close team and you’ll get through the day effortlessly. Here, working hard and having fun go hand in hand.

How is working together with other departments within Smartwares Group?

Collaboration with other departments is a key part of working at Smartwares Group, which makes daily work all the more interesting. You can for instance have a sneak-peek in other departments, which provides insights in the different aspects of a company. One moment you’re discussing a brand new product launch with Business Line Managers, the other moment you go through a checklist for bestsellers with Sales. In addition, we try to keep close contact with colleagues abroad such as Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Why did you choose Smartwares Group?

The diversity Smartwares Group offers in terms of the various brands in unique branches really piqued my interest. You therefore operate in several markets simultaneously. This in turn lets us execute vastly different marketing strategies within one and the same organisation. On top of that, all product categories that exist within the brands are expansive, so even within one brand there’s a lot of routes to take!

How would you describe the business’ culture?

The overall atmosphere is incredibly nice. To the outside world we act very formally, but internally there’s plenty of room for the occasional informalities. We are always easily accessible to each other which makes it a lot easier to communicate. This makes working here both efficient and effective.

Can you summarize what Smartwares Group entails, for instance in a single sentence or a few words?

I would describe Smartwares Group as a healthy organisation that offers plenty of possibilities for professional development where a result-oriented approach and a friendly atmosphere are highly valued.

Pauline Groot Hulze